Initiated by QG / Quartier General, an art association located in the former slaughterhouse in La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH), the project "A Table"

brings together 8 designers with 8 craftsmen to design and produce a series of tableware inspired by a menu created by the renowned chef Loïc Gabus.

Piques is an exploration around the skewer, an objet which basically consists of a simple stainless steel wire or a wooden stick both being formally a simple line.

In order to create a series of 55 x 3 pieces (1 simple and 2 doubles), I have been collaborating with Bertille Laguet, blacksmith and designer who is basically working with a hammer and an anvil. 

Given the handmade  and very direct production method of the object, I wanted to use this opportunity to work only on single pieces, thus creating a kind of alphabet of shapes.

The collection consists of 55 different pieces, each coming in 3 sizes.


Material: Stainless Steel


Dimensions: Various


QG / 20