On the occasion of a complete renovation of the Dufour School, situated in the middle of Biel / Bienne (the city where I live and work) and following a competition on invitation from the Department of Construction in collaboration with the Directorate of Education, culture, and sport, I haven been given the chance to design and produce a permanent installation for this building originally founded by the Order of St John in the 15th century.

Consisting of six bronze discs, installed in front of their mechanism, on either sides of the building, on each floor, the installation creates a sound atmosphere recalling the origin of the edifice.

Contrasting with their essential shape, almost enigmatic in this space, their surface is left untouched from the moment the pieces came out of their mould, thus capturing this magical instant and giving every pieces its own aspect, patterns and colours.

Like a giant percussion instrument, with the building acting as a resonance box, the bells ring four times a day in different rhythms during which space and time seem to meet for short concerts which hopefully will  bring vivid memories to the children and other users of the building for the present and future generations.