Patterns & Colours is a process that I developed during a residency at EKWC, the European Centre for Ceramic in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, where I have been working day and night from February to May 2013.


These series are produced thanks to a kind of embossing technique, involving a patterned latex foil (the slab) that is pressed on clay between a positive and negative mould.

As a result, many different patterns and volumes are possible to create with the minimal amount of moulds. 

The slab deforms with the patterns that are exactly reproduced on the volume. A 2D design transfers on a volume.


The shape always stays the same, but the pattern changes (I designed a dozen of different patterns). 

As the latex foils are bigger than the volumes, they are applied each time slightly differently from the previous one. Every piece is then unique.


Bisq fired with a white engobe, the pieces are then ready to be coloured.

Applied with a brush, the glaze is rubbed away to stay only inside the patterns.

These objects become supports for experiments between different patterns and colours. The possibilities are endless.


EKWC / 2013

Supported by Ikea Stiftung and Berner Design Stiftung