This project has been realized during the first Hors Pistes workshop.

It took place in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in October 2013.


The local craftsmen I I collaborated with:

- Alphonse Ouedraogo for the bronze pieces

- Antoinette Boukougou and her team for the weavings

- Ilboudou Ablacé  for the completion


Légendes Urbaines, Urban Legend, tells the story of a new - urban - ethny originated from Ouagadougou. These masks make the link between rural originated ethnies traditions and sub-Saharan cities, a particular univers where everything mixes.

They are a production that comes from the craftsmen know how and imported materials, non traditional, industrial. A visual translation of a society in transition. 


At the bronze caster workshop, we created simple forms, almost abstract that became eyes, mouths and noses. They were a frame for the masks construction.

At the weavers workshop, we have been weaving traditional materials, hand dyed cotton and unexpected fibres from different markets.


8 unique pieces with stand


Materials: bronze, natural fibres, rubber, different ropes,….

Dimensions: H 35 -100 x W 30 x D ~ 20 cm




photo: Fabrice Schneider