Initiated by the Swiss Jura based architects duo Kaiser&Wittwer, the project was developed for a new retirement home with all its inherent restrictions.

The commission was to design a series of modular lamps that diffuse lights in the central space of the building, like luminescent clouds.

The construction of the lamps is based on the utilisation of standard fluorescent tubes lamps and other standard pieces. Its construction is based on a tunnel typology built like a tent to which can be added as many section as wanted in the selected direction and size.

The creasing of the material, fire resistant tyvek, on the hoops, gives the final volume to Meringue lamp as well as its light diffusion effects.


Materials: fire resistant tyvek, standard hanging system, closing and connexion pieces, fluorescent light (87 cm), electric cables

Sizes: sections Ø 80 cm - 110 cm  x 80 cm

Pictures by Fabrice Schneider

KWSA / 2014