USM has invited seven masterclasses to celebrate the 50th anniversary of USM Modular Furniture Haller.

Following a workshop in Boisbuchet we focused on the active moment of modularity and the relation between man and machine.

« Modularity is modules, modularity is repetition, modularity is movement, modularity is rhythm, modularity is interaction.
Everything is a chain reaction, controlled or not. The objects, the materials and people interact with each other.
The production of things, the functions and the aspects varies. Nothing is stable, everything moves. »

Together, we created an installation composed of four different modules and an input, a little windmill.
These modules have all a different movement

- The Mobile turns on two different axis
- The Pendulums swings in different rhythms
- The Flying Rings go up and down thanks to the tension of threads
- The Giant Sleeper « breathes » and become giant

The installation reacts not only to computational coding, but also to ‘codes’ or laws imposed by nature like gravity, pressure and so on. That makes the programmed output more random, flexible; more like a living being. That is where modularity is going.

with Mathieu Rivier, Pauline Saglio, Joëlle Aeschlimann as Media & Interaction Designers, Christophe Guberan, Marie Douel, Sylvain Aebischer, Linn Kandel, Yann Mathys, Manuel Amaral Netto, Valentine Dubois, Sarha Duquesne as product designers.

Materials: MDF Black, carbon profiles, POM, Tyvek silver, aluminum, mechanisms and electronics

USM / 2015


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