T-Shelf, has been designed for a ceramic exhibition at Kissthedesign Gallery on the occasion of “Objectif Gare”, the new museum center’s teaser event.

They are a support as well as a background for the exhibited pieces to reveal them on an inedit surface. At the same time, it gives a big contact surface against the wall for a better stability.

Produced thanks to a “sandwich” technology, the shelves T-Shelf are very thin (7 mm) yet solide. The special coating, a chameleon color, coming from the car industry, gives the object a special effect that contrasts with the extreme simplicity of its design.

A coffee table from the same technique has been especially designed for Favoris, an exhibition and auction party organized by Moustache for the Paris design week in September 2015. 


Materials: aluminium, erex foam, epoxy resin, coating



Dimensions: L 120 x l 80 x H 30 cm / thick. 11mm

Limited Edition of three pieces




Dimensions: L 120 x l 80 x H 30 cm / thick. 11mm

Unique Piece 

2015 / FAVORIS