The uninterrupted 260-year history of Vacheron Constantin is not only an expression of the manufacturer’s constant evolution of virtuosity, know-how and creativity, but also bears witness to the evolution of our own society.  These exceptional archives are also physical memories of each watch piece—century after century—and constitute a world heritage of immeasurable value.

Vacheron Constantin initiated a research partnership with EPFL to guarantee the long-term preservation of this world heritage and to revive the slumbering knowledge held within. The Digital Humanities Lab, in collaboration with Vacheron Constantin’s Heritage Department, has developed digitization principles for ancient handwriting recognition. EPFL+ECAL Lab’s role is to bring these newly vivified archives back to life.

For that occasion, I redesigned a new virtual reality mask. Presented next to two other concepts, this installation invites the user to voyage through this universe, redefining our relationship with the digital—in the service of the manufacturer’s history and values.

photo: Daniela & Tonatiuh

Vacheron Constantin